Website Development Projects

Lintech Systems not only builds websites, but we also form many strategic partnerships with other companies and individuals to bring a mutually beneficial result. We have created partnerships with various people and organizations and thrive on these relationships.

Outdoor Funtime: Play Tents, Retail Website Project

Outdoor Funtime is an online retailer of Pacific Play Tents products and continues to be a wonderful project. We built their website, which includes an array of e-commerce tools for inventory and order fulfillment. We also supplied Outdoor Funtime with MUCH better SEO rankings than they previously had.

Uclaims: Automobile Claims Service Software

Need a way of supplying carriers with a group of appraiser services? Look no further, with any group of appraisers can form a network and begin servicing areas as a whole. Carriers can then enjoy the convenience of sending all their claims through one system and retrieving the information they need from the completed claims online!
>>> Auto Claims Management for Appraisers is a fully functional Auto-Claims management system developed entirely on the web for distributed management. This allows any appraiser, large or small, to manage their claims from anywhere in the world. also comes with the ability to administer invoices, claims tracking, multiple report processing and various work-flow management essentials, insuring that your turnaround time and quality of work is up to par.