About Us

Lintech Systems was established in 2000 and has been supplying dedicated service to all of our clients, most of which have been with us since we began. We strive to bring you the best product that fits your needs and stay with you to keep you up to date and help maximize your investment in technology.
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A Website Development Company

Lintech Systems is not only a website development company but rather a technology solutions provider. Our process is not simply based on, "Hey, my company needs a website...". We get INVOLVED and keep you INFORMED. Our process is very simple and we take you through every step of the way. Our intital information gathering is essential to us and you. We want to make sure the end product is not only what our client envisioned, but also something that will grow with their business and really help maximize the success of the company or individual.

Many website development companies build your site and want nothing to do with you afterwards. This is a poor model for repeat business. On the flip side, many website development companies also string you along and charge you for maintenance that you may be able to do yourself and save a lot of money!

We are a fair and honest company ready to serve, enlighten and meet your expectations.